July 7, 2014

MMG: July 4th Recap

The few pics I was able to snap this weekend

This is the story of how Hurricane Arthur ruined 4th of July. Flights were grounded. Slowly dwindling the attendee list. The fireworks I would get to see would be on my nails. I did get a chance to take a dip in the pool before the storm hit because it was 104 degrees. Family Trivia continued with us Skyping in family members who weren't able to make it. My team lost by one point. A tough pill to swallow. Thanks for Arthur it didn't feel much like July 4th but it was still nice to have a long weekend.

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  1. The heavy rain all day was a bummer but I did get to catch up on some reading which was nice. Being able to Skype them in for family trivia is a fun idea though.

  2. Boo Arthur!! Sorry your weekend was ruined ):

  3. It was so sad that the weather was lousy for the Fourth. My friends annual party had to be cancelled because the weather was so bad and then the roads to their home were shut down due to flooding. Thanks Arthur, you are a big jerk!! Sorry to hear that your team lost.

    Best, Mree

  4. Your nails are so fun! So sorry about the terrible weather!

  5. Your nails look so awesome! Arthur really did come at a bad time but it could have been SO much worse!!

  6. @Jodi that's true... but still a bummer that people couldn't attend. Thanks :)

  7. @Mree haha! Aw sorry to hear about your friends.

    It was bittersweet to lose by ONE point

  8. @Kerry love reading on a rainy day :)


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