July 25, 2014


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I can't believe my blog turns 5 today! My nephew is 5 years old... I feel like my blog is my baby lol. I want to say THANK YOU to all my readers for your continued support. Never imagined anyone reading this besides family when I first created the blog. This whole "blogger craze" wasn't a thing nor did I ever think it would be. It's amazing to see how far blogging has come in these 5 years. Some good, some bad. I keep doing it because I enjoy writing and I enjoy connecting with all of you either in the comments section or on social media. I've even made some awesome friends through blogging. I know some bloggers who started around the same time as me have fallen out of love with it and I know some who have gone on to make their blogs successful. It can definitely be a challenge maintaining a blog. It's a full time job. Trying to keep up with comments. Trying to come up with new content. I don't tend to get writer's block as I write about what I want, which I feel lucky for. I know some bloggers get trapped into feeling they can only write about certain topics as readers will become angry. Thank you all for sticking with me as I know my blog has grown beyond just fashion. Happy to say I avoid the overly negative feedback some bloggers face so thank you for that. I'm always open to constructive criticism so feel free to reach out. I don't just write this blog for myself now. It has grown beyond that.

So in honor of the big 5 I thought I'd make a fun list of things about myself:

1. I live with one person and that would be ME! I live solo.

2. I have two siblings: older sister, younger brother.

3. I actually have THREE degrees - Associates, Bachelors and soon to be Masters.

4. I am 4 feet tall - 48 inches.

5. Been blogging 5 years!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Happy bloggervsiary!!! :)


  2. Happy Anniversary for your baby blog!!! It's time for blog pre-school right?! ;)
    Jamie @ SnapGinger Blog

  3. Happy blogiversary!! I remember when we first connected online years and years ago! We've both come so far.

  4. @Sherin I know! So glad we've stayed in touch :)

    Someday I'll make it to the UK lol

  5. @Jamie G @ SnapGinger Blog haha right? She's all grown up *sniff*

  6. Congrats on 5 years! So happy the blogging world brought us together! I need 5 facts that I dont know next time please! ;-) xoxo

  7. @Nicole Colon lol well you're an exception :) Glad the blogging world brought us together too!


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