July 22, 2014

5 Lies the Beauty Industry Needs to Stop Telling Women

After the L'Oreal ruling that said they had deceptive advertising, it brought up the long time nagging thought I have. I have a love/hate with the beauty industry. If you read this blog often enough you'll know I love beauty products! But the beauty industry needs to stop perpetuating these myths for women. They've been using the same marketing tactics for decades and have made billions of dollars. I discussed whether it was wrong to use false lashes in advertising on the blog before. I think many of us have just become immune to seeing so many lies in beauty advertising but that can be harmful. The beauty industry has built a reputation on creating false insecurities in women to sell products. These are the biggest lies the industry has been telling women:

1. There's a miracle in a bottle. Most reasons celebrities look great is because they spend hundreds of dollars on high-end products/facials, are meticulous about their beauty routine (i.e. only will sleep with the room temperature at 70 degrees...) OR they have done what is really the only way to eliminate wrinkles - BOTOX. Sorry folks. Wrinkles are going to happen to you. You may be able to slow it down. I have been using a $600 eye cream from my GLOSSYBOX and haven't seen any results that an $8 cream from the drugstore hasn't done. Honestly, I think women need to embrace their wrinkles more because it shows a well lived life. All you can do is put on sunscreen every day, drink your 8 glasses of water and take your makeup off every night. The rest is up to genetics.

2. Cellulite makes you a freak. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Everyone has cellulite! You're not a freak if you have it. Women of all shapes and sizes have it. And no, no product or weird beauty treatment will make it go away unfortunately.

3. You can shrink your pores. Who decided to launch a war on pores? Another fact of life - we have pores. No one notices them except you. You can't shrink your pores. That's science kids. Sorry to report. Sure you can use products to help minimize the appearance of them (although they're not a big deal) but stop thinking everyone is staring at your pores. We're not.

4. Mascara will lengthen your lashes. Your lashes are not going to get any longer unless you put on false lashes. All you can hope for is that you find a good brush that catches all your lashes and will coat them in black all the way to the tips so that you get the full effect. These mascaras are not miraculously growing new lashes for you. That's another product in itself...

5. Youth is beautiful. Growing old is a privilege. Why do we all want to look 21 our whole life?! I want to look like my age thank you very much. We should stop trying to be cookie cutters or trying to look like others. I want to be a hot 65 year old lol.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on these over hyped products, opt for a healthy option such as these super foods.

What lies would you add to the list?


  1. LOVE this. Especially the bit about aging- we should embrace it, because it is (or can be, rather, if done gracefully and without a huge fight) beautiful. :)


  2. @Ashley White lol exactly! Fighting it makes it so much worse.


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