June 2, 2014

MMG is Back!

A new month, a new set of possibilities! Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend last week. This weekend was not that thrilling I'm sad to report. But good to get some R&R. Friday I spent my day at the DMV - so exciting. My California driver license expired and I figured it's about time I became an official New Yorker. I wish I could keep the pic though - no one does a driver's license photo like Cali!

Saturday I watched Philomena on Netflix finally. It was one of the Oscar nominated films I've been wanting to see. It's an amazing true story that will break your heart and lift your spirits. I thought it was great! Nebraska and Philomena are my two favorite from the nominees this year.

Sunday my brother moved out of his apartment and I was going to trade some furniture with him. However, they're not supposed to move furniture out of my apartment on Sundays so long story short... I now have two couches in my apartment lol. It made watching Game of Thrones interesting. Don't worry they picked it up this morning. P.S. So happy to have my shows back!

This week's Featured Blogger is Jodi who has been doing some exciting traveling lately so be sure to stop by her blog!

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  1. How good was GOT last night!! I blogged about it today as well. Such a great show!!

    Best, Mree

  2. I love when I get a great DMV photo it hardly ever happens, bummer you couldn't keep the CA one. Every one keeps talking about GOT but I have yet to watch it.

  3. How is it June already?!?!? I'm SO ready for summer weather! I LOVED the movie Philomena. I saw it in the theatre. I really want to read the book.

  4. @Jodi I don't know! But I'm looking forward to summer clothes :)

    Philomena is such an amazing story. Lmk if you read the book!

  5. @Kerry right? haha wish I could keep it forever.

    GOT is very addictive. Watch a few episodes and if you don't like it then you probably won't get into it but if you're hooked after the first 3 then HELLO new addiction lol

  6. @Christina god I ugly cried so much haha

  7. @Audrey Allure ooo lmk when you watch it and what you think!

  8. @Mree haha yey! I have someone to talk about it with on MMG :)


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