June 13, 2014

8 Lessons of #GIRLBOSS

#GIRLBOSS is being dubbed"Lean In for millennials" and I have to agree. I definitely related more to the advice of Sophia Amoruso than of Sheryl Sandberg. Her tone was like a mix of Tina Fey and Kelly Cutrone - straight shooter but with humor mixed in. For those who don't know, Ms. Amoruso is the CEO and Founder of Nasty Gal, a $100+ million ecommerce site loved by fashionistas everywhere. She went from freegan to CEO so her story is certainly interesting but I found her advice more relatable than other female empowerment books. It was a quick read, just two sittings for me! There are many lessons to learn from the book but here are 8 that I took away including - "I have three pieces of advice I want you to remember:

Don't ever grow up. Don't become a bore. Don't let the Man get to you.

1. "Life is short. Don't be lazy." This is the title of chapter 1. Off to a great start! There's no bullshit in this book. She cuts right to the chase. Life is too short to worry about what other people are doing or having regrets "what if..." just go for it!

2. You have to believe in yourself for others to. A 22-year old saying I'm going to flip vintage clothing on eBay for a profit doesn't sound like a viable business but Sophia Amoruso was crazy enough to believe it that she was able to get others to believe in her. She admits in the beginning she totally had to fake it but only for the guys in fancy suits.

3. Learn from your mistakes and others. Sophia definitely admits to mistakes. But she also learned from other's mistakes so she didn't make the same ones.

4. Be your own idol. Don't waste your energy focusing on others when it can be better spent on yourself. Also coinciding with #2. You are stuck with yourself for better or worse so you might as well think you're awesome!

5. Don't always take no for an answer. For example, when they went to their first trade show and approached Jeffrey Campbell they were told no. Sophia says she rarely listens when someone tells her no, which can be good or bad. Understand why they're saying no and try a new approach.

6. Life is unwritten. Nothing is planned out. As much as people tell you to go to school and do xyz doesn't mean you have to. The path is hardly ever straight and narrow. Loved the story where she thinks during a meeting with Nordstrom "omg I stole a watch from their store at 17!" Just because you were one thing doesn't mean you can't change or become another. Sophia went from thief to CEO. Just learn from your mistakes and know your strengths.

7. It's not all luck. It's hard work. "What I hate about luck is that implies being devoid of responsibility. Luck tells us that we don't control our own fate, and that our path to success or failure is written by someone, or something, entirely outside ourselves." She believes negative things happen to negative people. You get what you put out in the universe. Which I agree with but it can also be frustrating when say applying to jobs like I am and all you do is put out positivity in hopes to get hired and just get rejection.

8. There's no auto-correct in life. "Breaking the rules for fun is too easy - the real challenge lies in perfecting the art of knowing which rules to accept and which to rewrite." As a Catholic school girl who constantly tested her boundaries I understand the concept of knowing when stay within your bounds.

What books have you read recently?


  1. I'm on my way to B&N right now to take a look at the book. I had considered it before, but your list just solidifies my want for #GIRLBOSS. I especially love point number 4. I've never looked at myself in that light before. Being my own Idol sounds like something fun (and a little empowering), nice. Thanks for the review.

  2. I read an article about Sophia and was really intrigued by her story. She is definitely an inspiration. i love her attitude and tenacity. Life is short. Don't be lazy!


    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. wow thanks for the review of this book. this is one book I will be purchasing. The recent book I've purchase was The Golddigger by Baja Fletcher. Interesting read.

  4. These are good tips and I'm definitely intrigued by this book. I really need to take the advice in point #1!

  5. @Nnenna hehe I'm surprised you haven't read it yet - you're the book queen!

  6. @terria oh hmm will have to look into it. My "to read" list is SOOOO long haha

  7. @chicncheapliving haha yeah "tenacity" is a good word. I enjoyed it because I felt I could relate more to her story than other successful women. She definitely is not the typical CEO.

  8. It's definitely on my list! The problem is there are so many books on my list! :)


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