May 27, 2014

My May #TheStyleBox

My May The Style Box seemed focused on pampering with a focus on spa & skincare. This month's box was valued at over $200. Here's what I received:

Spa Package $15 | LIFTFUSION™ Micro-Injected M-Tox Transdermal Face Lift $140 | Izzy & Ali Coin Purse $39 | The Crème Shop Cleansing Towelettes (30 wipes $3.88) & Mini Eyelash Curler $7 | MyTies x Socialbliss Hair Tie $4 

Another Izzy & Ali bag - received one in my box last month - and not really a "coin purse" girl.

This is a new brand to me. I love me some towelettes. I thought it was a great price for amount of wipes you get. These wipes are infused with pink lemonade & milk (they have other varieties) that help remove makeup and other impurities on your skin.

This "spa package" didn't come with any branded packaging. I'm also not sure what all these things are... seems like a lot of loofas.

It was awesome that they included all full-sized products. I want to give this product a full review once I'm able to use it for a little while. But I was disappointed when I opened it to see that some had spilled inside the cap.

What new subscription boxes are you enjoying?


  1. I hate it when I purchase a product and find that some has spilled inside the cap/the packaging has been compromised by shipping (or tampering). Creeps me out a little. (Also, I'm odd.)

    Great review, babe! I wonder what you're supposed to do with all those loofahs?


  2. @Ashley White well I'm not sure it was tampered with, perhaps just handled not with so much care :p

    haha I have no idea! Had no idea I needed so many

  3. i loved seeing what's in your box! i'm down to 2 boxes! ha.

  4. Nice! haha


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