May 28, 2014

My May Beauty Product Favorites (And Not So Favorite)

As a blogger, I receive TONS of products and can't necessarily review them all so I try to do a monthly round-up of products I've enjoyed and not enjoyed. You may have seen some of these products already but I think they're worth mentioning again. Hopefully you discover some new products to try. Let's start with the good...

jane iredale's POMMISST™ Hydration Spray $27 - I reviewed the Starter Kit earlier this month and this was definitely my favorite product. It adds instant moisture to your face and antioxidants help protect it from free radicals. You can use it before makeup or after to set it.

Zoya Armor Top Coat $10 - If you're looking for a better alternative to Seche Vite without the smell then may I recommend this. It doesn't have the harsh chemicals yet has all the staying power.

Maybelline Fit Me® Shine-Free Foundation Stick $8.99 - I picked this up after seeing my boo Style Me BAD raving about it. Granted I've only been using 2 weeks out of the month but so far I'm loving it. It leaves a nice matte finish and is super lightweight. I love the Fit Me line because it seems to be the only drugstore brand with the ALL shades for ALL women. 110 is perfect for my pale skin but the range is very extensive.

PIXI Shea Butter Lip Balm in Coral Crush $8 - I received this in my Birchbox this month and instantly fell in love. I am a lip product junkie and I especially love a lip balm with a hint of color so my lips don't look dead. This is a great color for the summer and the lip balm is super moisturizing.
Rimmel London BB Cream in Light $6.99 - While trying to find the matte foundation everyone has been raving about, I picked this up instead. The Light color was too dark for me (it only comes in 3 shades) and I didn't think it provided much coverage. I did find the matte BB cream so I'll keep ya posted on my thoughts.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine™ $5.29 - Another product getting a lot of hype around the blogosphere. Well let me say - Don't Believe the Hype! It kept peeling off! I kept trying to repaint my nails but a tiny part would chip and with the simple push the whole polish would peel off the nail. Super frustrating and disappointing.

What products did you enjoy this month?


  1. Love hearing about new products and I appreciate your honesty about them. I get so upset when I buy a new product only to discover that the product isn't as good as everyone says. Honesty goes along way.

    Best, Mree

  2. I need to try the Zoya top coat...I need a good top coat that will make my manicures last just a little longer.

    PS if you're looking for a good hydration face mist I love Pur Minerals one, it's called Miracle Mist. It also acts as a setter too but I like using it before I put my make-up on. It was a face saver this winter.


  3. Yay I am glad you like the foundation! I have been really into Milani lip products this month. I never used them before and they are really good!

  4. I got the pixi balm too but the color I got does not suit me. It's a shame because otherwise I do think it's a product I would like. I didn't know Zoya had a top coat- I need to try that. Also, it's too bad about the Sally Hansen triple shine nail polishes. They were getting a lot of hype and I was excited because they looked so so shiny!

  5. Maybelline do this pen/gel eyeliner and it's pretty epic. I'm loving it this month. I'm surprised Rimmel's BB cream wasn't that good. I'm usually a fan of their products.

  6. @Mree yeah I try to help others avoid that i.e. my series Don't Believe the Hype :)

  7. @Sherin finally got my hands on the matte Rimmel foundation and it's amazing. The BB Cream was just too dark.

  8. @Nnenna lmk if you give the Zoya top coat a try! Did you ever try the Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes? It could just be the formula on my nails

  9. @heather thanks for the recommendation - I'll look into it!


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