May 19, 2014

MMG: Mother's Day Take 2

Friday I met up with Laura to check out the new Nutella bar at Eatly. I don't drink so typical bars aren't my scene BUT a nutella bar... I'm there! It smelled heavenly. There was a limited menu so I had a crepe. You could definitely make your own at home lol but it was about the experience.

Saturday night was the finale of SNL with host Andy Samberg. He brought along a few pals for him and did some of his old sketches. One of my favorite personal favs - Get In The Cage with Nic Cage. It was a great last episode. If you haven't already, I highly recommend watching Andy's show Brooklyn 99. I really like it!

Since I wasn't able to go last week, we had a redo for Mother's Day on Sunday. Had lunch at my Grandma's house. She's going to be 90 in one week! My parents are currently babysitting my cousin's dog while she's on vacation and she was right in with the doxies begging for food. Sunday night my pops and I indulged in some Italian ice since the weather was so nice. We unofficially kicked off summer!

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Marie - Twin Living

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  1. Your Grandma is so cute! Mine turn 90 in January. We are so lucky to have them around. I totally need to check out Eatly next time I'm in NYC. Thanks so much for the shout out!!

    Best, Mree

  2. I was talking to one of the bloggers I want us all to meet up with and she totally suggested this Nutella bar. MMM! Glad you were able to celebrate Mother's Day :)

  3. @Kerry haha yes... I wish I could capture it :)

  4. @jointhegossip it would be cute but it's super small and there's only 5 things on the menu lol but you can go just to say you did or go to the cronut place

  5. @Christina yes!! Loved her Beyonce :p

    How was your special? I didn't get a chance to watch it

  6. @Mree of course! We appreciate your support.

    P.S. Do you prefer Mree or Marie? lol I can change it

  7. It was fun! It kinda lost steam in the last 20 minutes or so. It felt like an episode of SNL where they put the bad sketches at the end. She's so talented and funny though. I liked it!


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