May 16, 2014

Mani of the Week: Water Color

I've been inspired by these water color manicures on Pinterest and Instagram lately. I thought the polishes in my Julep Maven box looked good together so I attempted it. I think it looks more like brush strokes but I like the look.

What's on your nails this week?

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg


  1. Oh that looks fab. I'm just wearing some pink gel color. I cannot think of what the color is called, oh this is gonna bother me all day. ha!

    Best, Mree

  2. I was interested to read your thoughts! The plie wand was the main reason I got my box this month (I often skip), so I'm curious to try it out for myself.

  3. This looks great. I saw someone on Del Sol's you tube page doing something similiar to this. They used a q-tip.

  4. So cute! I love all of the colours together! Especially that blue.

  5. That looks like a fun style. I've not seen watercolour nails before but I want to try them out now!!

  6. @Sherin oo you should try it! I think it's a similar marble mani

  7. @jennie shaw thanks - I liked them together too!


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