May 23, 2014

#FBFF: Overcoming Negativity

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I was really excited about this week's FBFF topic because as a little person I know all too well about negativity. The internet can be a scary place because people can mean for no reason. When I first started my blog I was hesitant to post pictures of myself. When I had posted pics on another site I was managing, the comments were not so nice. So when it came to my personal blog I avoided it for a long time. I gradually made real life friends through blogging and they were a great support system. With their encouragement I began posting.

- Haters gonna hate. I always joke that you haven't made it until you've had your first negative comment. There are always going to be haters. Definitely one of the lessons I've learned blogging is that you can't please everybody. Not everyone is going to like what you're doing. Just do what you love, write about what you enjoy and your readers will see your passion and the haters will fall to the wayside.

- Deleting negative comments. I used to not want to delete them because I wanted people to speak freely. However, I now follow the logic if they're not contributing to the conversation then their comment is going to be deleted. For example, "I don't like your hands" when I post my manicures. That's not helpful to anyone so I'm not going to keep it on my blog.

- You'll make some great friends along the way! If you're hesitant to share personal stuff on your blog then start with a little at a time. Or be open about it on your blog. I think you'll be surprised by the warm response. Now that I've opened up more on my blog (and social media) the response is awesome and I've made a lot of great friends. The internet doesn't always have to be scary. There are some pretty cool people on it too.

How have you overcome negativity with your blog?


  1. Blogging is a great avenue to make connections and friends. The "www" can be exceptionally negative for no reason whatsoever. I delete negative comments too. If it doesn't add to the realm of knowledge or engage the conversation, it's a goner.

  2. @Poised In Print yeah I used to feel bad deleting comments but it's not worth keeping them

  3. Great post. I think we all struggle with. We should all support each other for putting ourselves out there.


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