May 29, 2014

Don't Believe the Hype: Lips Edition

I am a self professed lip product junkie. Since high school I've had this obsession with dry lips. At first I was slapping on Petroleum Jelly, which tastes awful and made your lips super shiny. Then I tried Chapstick which quickly made me breakout and definitely felt like it was making my lips more dry so I would use the product much more. After a long journey, I've finally found a beautiful home with Aquaphor. It never fails me. I do venture out to other lip products (you can find reviews on my blog) but here are the ones that I would skip:

Korres Lip Butter $12 - I've heard such great things about Korres that I was excited to try this lip butter. I got the Guava one because supposedly it was clear. It was not. Here's my original review.

Softlips® $4 - I've tried the regular stick and the cube. Both were not moisturizing whatsoever. Constantly had to reapply.

Burt's Bees lip balm $3.30 - I've tried the traditional beeswax one and we all know how I feel about it...

Smith's Rosebud Salve $6 - I'm not a fan of the "rose" smell or taste. I liked using it on my cuticles or dry skin areas. But not for my lips. I am also not a fan of the tin packaging. Much prefer a roll-on stick.

Summer is quickly approaching so you should be stepping up your SPF game. Sun damage is serious folks!

What lip products have disappointed you?


  1. I love Smith's Rosebud salve, but I don't like dipping my finger to apply a lip product. I recently bought it in tube form and I feel like it's not the same formulation. It dries so quickly I find myself having to reapply it every 30 minutes; it's annoying!

    As for my lip hype FAIL, it would have to be all eos lip balms. I bought a 5 pack from Costco for about $12 and did not like a single one. Maybe the honeydew because of the scent. But these do nothing for me! I could go back and forth on my lips and feel like I put nothing on. I just tried it again and I'm smacking my lips trying to smooth it out, but the film is so so thin I know it'll go away in 10 minutes. I can even feel any dry skin being accentuated. My least favorite is the red one, passion fruit.

  2. I don't like Softlips or Burt's either. I love Smith's but in the Mint and mandarin scents. I hate the tin though. They are so messy and if it melts in your bag, it's everywhere. I like the tubes instead.

  3. I've actually used the Origins GinZin for about a year. I totally agree: it did nothing for me.
    I'm currently using Clinique's Moisture Surge. It makes my face feel greasy, and I'm actively searching for a new moisturizer. #Annoyed

  4. omg softlips is my FAVEEE. i don't like rosebud because of the smell. and burt's bees stings (ha) so that's out. the quest goes on...

  5. haha we all have our preferences. I don't like the smell of Rosebud either :/

  6. @Christina yes tins are the worst!

  7. @Erica U aw I love them. They're adorable! hehe but yeah they don't do much for lips... but better than chapstick or softlips.


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