April 23, 2014

My Oil Pulling Experience

I have been seeing a lot of articles about "oil pulling." The name kind of scared me until I read Clear the Way Kate's experience with it. She eased any worries I had. Oil pulling has been around thousands of years and basically you swish around oil in your mouth to remove harmful bacteria. It's like using mouthwash but with supposedly better results. It is recommended to use coconut oil since a) it tastes better than other oils and b) because the lauric acid is more effective.

I measured out a teaspoon of oil, which was more than enough for me. It is recommended 10-20 minutes but your jaw can get tired so I worked my way up to that. Started out the first night with 5 minutes and my mouth was already sore. It is recommended to not do a lot of 'swishing' to avoid tiring yourself out. It definitely is a weird feeling. By night 4 I was at 8 minutes, which definitely was enough for me. The oil started tasting gross.

Some people reported feeling nauseous but I didn't experience any of that. It could come from the bad taste. However, I quickly brushed my teeth after finishing so I could ensure the toxins had left my mouth. It's only been 4 nights but so far I'm enjoying the results. I'll keep you posted.

P.S. Didn't include any pics because I thought it would be too gross lol.

Would you give oil pulling a try?


  1. You should have included before pics of your teeth and the results after. I don't think that would have been gross. I'm thinking about doing this for the wedding, those whiting strips are so expensive.


  2. I have a client who has been doing this forever, he swears by it & yes, you should show your results!

  3. @Curvatude really? That's cool.

    haha apparently people want to see my teeth. I'll do another update :)

  4. @heather oh that's a good idea. Does it help with whitening? Go for it!


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