April 7, 2014

MMG: The Return of Great TV!

Many months of anticipation have led up to this weekend! Games of Thrones Season 4! I ordered me some cookies and hunkered down for the glorious return of one of my favorite shows (and one of the best shows if I say so myself). Spoiler alert (well it's not really a spoiler since the books have been out for years) but this season is going to be bloody. I'm excited for the badass ladies, Arya and Khaleesi, to start fucking shit up.

Totally want that HTML shirt!

HBO also premiered a new show about the startup world, Silicon Valley, which I was only watching to kill time until Veep came on. However, I was pretty impressed. Very hilarious! Although I wonder for those not in the startup world if they would get the humor of it. But for those of us who are or have experienced it, it definitely was holding a mirror to the idiocracy. The comedy continued with the return of one of my favorites, Veep. It is so fast paced. The whole cast is so quotable. I've missed Gary on my TV. Ready for President Selina Myers!

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  1. I would love to follow Game of Thrones but it seems I can't go past episode 1 (season 1)... I'm sure I'm missing something though.

  2. I just got into Games of Thrones. I'm still on season one but what a great show!!

    Best, Mree

  3. I don't have HBO but they had a free weekend so I got to see a little bit of GofT.

  4. HAHAHA that HTML shirt! having always worked closely with programmers that is funny!

  5. Yes - I've just seen the first ep of the new GoT! So glad it's back.

  6. I am so excited that Game of Thrones is back on!


  7. I just started watching Veep. I caught up on the first two seasons in two days just in time for the premier. I LOVE it. It's my new favorite show! Silicon Valley was great too!


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