April 21, 2014

MMG: Happy Easter

Hope everyone who celebrates had a great Easter weekend! My parents came in Saturday to help me hang my curtains. My apartment looks like a real home now! Saturday night I found Purple Rain playing on VH1 and my night was made. I haven't watched it in years but the soundtrack is one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. Forgot what heavy topics it deals with so probably shouldn't have been watching it at 10.

I ended up not hanging out with family for Easter because everyone kind of had their own plans. Sunday was me time! Sunday night of course was Game of Thrones. Side rant: Over seeing people talk about "spoilers" when it comes to that show. There are books people! There are no spoilers yet. Next season you can complain. Tracy Morgan was live tweeting the episode and he was hilarious. He ended up tweeting me back! Love when celebs do that so I watched his comedy special afterwards "Bona Fide" on Comedy Central. Hilarious but very inappropriate. Couldn't find much I could tweet about lol.

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