April 24, 2014

Don't Believe the Hype: Nails Edition

This post could be called "everything except Rejuvacote." My nails cannot survive without it. It is my base coat, top coat, my everything. Without further adieu here are the nail products that have disappointed me:

Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat $10 - I know I'll get a lot of flack for but honestly this product inspired this whole idea. It works wonderfully the first month or few weeks but then it dries out FAST! I barely got a few uses out of it before it was gooping up. There are a lot of great fast drying top coats that are much less expensive. It also contains TONS of harmful chemicals, which is why it smells so bad. You shouldn't be doing that to your nails.

OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS Ridge-Filling Base Coat - Debaser $10 - Did nothing for my nails and in fact my polish chipped off within a few hours of using.

Julep Nail Therapy $16 - Similar results to OCC's base coat. I do like Julep's Oxygen Nail Treatment but you can't put polish on over it.

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliques $10.25 - They felt more like stickers. I ended up peeling them off by the end of the day. The best nail stickers, for me, continue to be Sally Hansen.

Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator $22 - These didn't do much for me. They weren't fast acting. Julep's are still my favorite and more reasonably priced.

What nail products have disappointed you?


  1. if it's a box, i gotta try it!! give them all to meh!

  2. I really like Seche Vite (that shine!) but I do agree with you about it drying out. I think I got about halfway through the bottle before I couldn't use it anymore. I'm currently using and really like Essie's Go to Go topcoat, which is also pretty shiny and fast drying. It has a similar drying out problem though- I think I used about 2/3 through that bottle before it was too gloopy.

  3. Thanks for giving us a heads up on these products. I want to make sure I get my money's worth, especially if it's a pricey investment.

    I've never tried Seche Vite but I'll be staying away from that one after reading this :).

    Thanks for sharing...definitely passing this along. Happy Friday K!

  4. @Nnenna oh man how can you stand the smell?! haha

  5. @Corina Ramos glad I could be of help :)

  6. I haven't used it in a while but I don't recall a very noticeable smell. Granted, I have a really terrible sense of smell (which is a good thing in this case I guess if it really does smell that bad)!

  7. I think Seche Vite works the best, but you're right, only in the beginning. It's so thick and makes more of a mess than anything. I really like Julep's Freedom top coat. I'm going to check out Rejuvacote.

  8. @Christina I'm also not a fan of Freedom lol definitely think there are drugstore brands with less harsh smells that do the same results


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