March 19, 2014

Why I Ditched Skinny Jeans

So many women suffer for the sake of fashion. I confess I was one of them. My vice - skinny jeans. When skinny jeans hit the market, I quickly traded in my old jeans for the new style. They went with everything! You could wear them with cute flats on the weekend or dress them up with heels for an evening out. They were the answer to my wardrobe prayers. Or so I thought.

When boyfriend jeans became popular I quickly scoffed at them as a girl with hips. "They'll never look good on me!" I thought. However, the more I saw girls with my figure pulling them off in cute looks either on the street or on fashion blogs the more I became intrigued. I finally took the plunge last summer and bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans. Why was I denying myself for so long?! Okay, now boyfriend jeans were seriously the answer to my prayers.

As a tomboy at heart, boyfriend jeans were definitely in line with my style. Why was I squeezing into these tight jeans before? Doing the dance many girls I know do to fit uncomfortably in what should be a comfortable wardrobe staple. Stop torturing yourself ladies! In just a short year, I've slowly traded in my skinny jeans for boyfriend jeans. Now my jean drawer is nearly 100% full of boyfriend jeans as they're all I wear. Just like I thought with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans can be dressed up or down. Get some inspiration here.

Wearing: 1969 destructed sexy boyfriend jeans c/o Gap | Marled sweater in Antique Pewter c/o Gap | LOFT necklace (no longer available) | Xhilaration® Shayenne High Top Wedge Sneakers via Target

Me celebrating my freedom! If you hate squeezing into skinny jeans then I highly recommend trying on a pair of boyfriend jeans. If you worry you don't have the shape for it then try on different styles. Yes, they have different style of boyfriend jeans lol. I'm wearing "sexy boyfriend" jeans from GAP's Lived In Collection. I don't see myself ever going back to skinny jeans as I prefer comfort in my personal style choices.

What kind of jeans do you prefer to wear?


  1. I still can't find a pair of boyfriend jeans that I like. I feel like i look to boxy in most of the ones that I've tried. Or they just fit me weird. Still on the hunt though.

    PS you are to adorable!


  2. haha! cute.

    i love my skinny jeans and thankfully i don't feel your pain! i also love my boyfriend jeans too ;)

  3. you look VERY excited about this! i love my skinny jeans... don't make me give them up!! I love those jeans on YOU though!!

  4. Amen girl! Maybe I'm old school, but flares look best on me. I've done the skinny jeans dance too, but some of us weren't meant to wear those!

  5. @MyConstantChaos lol you don't have give them up. Although I do want to get you in some boyfriend jeans :)

  6. @annaleeshelton fashion is a cycle... everything comes back around :)

  7. @Curvatude good for you. Rock both :)

  8. @heather I don't believe you! lol if I can find a pair... you can definitely find a pair! Keep looking!

    P.S. Thank you :D

  9. I will admit boyfriend jeans look way more comfortable than skinny jeans. Even my 12 year old son hates them, although he cannot possibly have problem squeezing into his clothes. Will give it a try Elena :))

  10. Hi Kimberlee,

    I've been tempted to buy a pair myself but I would describe myself as a sized 12 J-LO...hips and booty so I don't think they'd look good on me. :)

    I usually go for an ankle/fitted jeans or anything that will help me look slimmer. I just might pick up a pair and see how it goes!

    Thanks for joining the party and sharing this with us! Happy Tuesday!

  11. Believe it or not, I just started getting skinny jeans cause I heard it can make a curvy gal appear thinner. I use to wear mom jeans but damn! I can't stand pants above my belly button! I might have to look into some of these boy cut jeans, but I'm kinda like Cori, hippy and bootilicious! :)

    Stopping by from the I’m Every Woman Weekly Linky Blog Party!

  12. Haha! I've never worn skinny jeans and not about to start at my age. ;) Comfort is key, plus I'm an old hippie, so prefer that "bell bottomed" look.

  13. Yeah, skinny jeans. The bane of my existence! Still have a couple of pairs that I wear with longer sweaters, but I haven't quite "gone" to the boyfriend jean yet.
    Have a great weekend!


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