March 26, 2014

My Favorite TV Couples

We love them! We root for them. Will they or won't they? TV couples having kept audiences watching every week for years. Some of them even actually become real couples - congrats Mila and Ashton! I know I have my favorites but for the sake of this list I'm going to stick with shows currently on the air (otherwise this could go on forever!).

Big Bang Theory's Amy & Sheldon (aka "Shamy"). When you add a new cast member, you never know if it's going to ruin the existing group chemistry but Amy has been a great addition. Love her! I wasn't sure how the writers were going to handle Sheldon's love life but so far I'm enjoying it.
Castle's Castle & Beckett (aka "Caskett"). Waited 6 seasons for them to finally get together! Never thought I'd see it happen. I think they have great chemistry and should be a couple in real life. Stana Katic is gorgeous plus I'm a major Nathan Fillion fan.

Beauty and the Beast's Cat &Vincent. My guilty pleasure! Don't judge me. Hello Jay Ryan is hot.

Parks and Recreation's Leslie & Ben. How can you not love this couple?! Gives me hope that one day a man will support my crazy and my career lol. They even have a Tumblr in their honor.

Showtime's Shameless has two of my favorite couples: Ian and Mickey & Kev and V. Ian and Mickey are 18 year old-ish and gay. Ian is more open about his sexuality whereas Mickey punches anyone who insinuates he's gay. Mickey doesn't always show his affection for Ian but when he does, it counts. I love him! I hope to have the kind of relationship Kev & V have, completely open and honest. They completely know each other and can tackle all the crap that's thrown at them, which is a lot.

House of Cards's Frank & Claire Underwood. Is there a better political couple?! Damn, they're good. I also love their relationship where unlike many DC couples, Claire is actually in on the scheming and Frank goes to her for advice. He doesn't see her as just a trophy. He knows she's just as cunning as he is... if not more.

Who are your favorite TV couples?

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