March 13, 2014

Movie Review: Nebraska

I've now seen 4 of the 9 Oscar nominated Best Picture films. Woo! So far Nebraska has been my favorite. Here's a quick synopsis from Imdb - "An aging, booze-addled father makes the trip from Montana to Nebraska with his estranged son in order to claim a million-dollar Mega Sweepstakes Marketing prize." The whole cast is great but Bruce Dern and June Squibb steal the show. Very rarely are there actors over 50, let alone 80, as main characters in a movie.

Greatest moment:

Visually it's unlike anything in theaters. It features the Midwest, it's black and white and it is also slow moving. Whereas American Hustle was fast talking, very colorful and had lots of people in the cast. I also have a fondness for cantankerous old men lol I can relate to them. I really loved the ending because as Will Forte's character points out "It's not about the money, it's about having something to live for."

I recommend this movie if you're interested in seeing something not typical of other movies in theaters, you like dry humor and/or have a crazy family. It's available on Netflix, VOD and is still in theaters.

What movies you watched recently?


  1. So I know you've seen American Hustle and Nebraska, but what are the other 2? I haven't seen Nebraska, but I would agree that it's probably better than American Hustle. That movie was good but overrated.

  2. @Oh to Be a Muse Dallas Buyers Club and Her. Although technically Her isn't a Best Picture lol it did win best adapted screenplay. Also saw Fruitvale Station which should have been nominated!


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