March 17, 2014

MMG: Spring Break!

This week is my Spring Break! Although it won't be much of a "break" with tons of papers and projects due next week but I took the time to enjoy my weekend. Saturday I hung out with Laura where we grabbed some dinner and I tried my first ever Pie Face. So cute! The St. Patrick's Day partying had begun early and the Empire State Building was lit up. During my breaks I like to cross shows off my "to watch list" so Sunday I started watching The Shield. It's one of those shows that is constantly talked about and the man behind my new favorite show, Sons of Anarchy, was a writer on it so I thought it was time to dive in.

From her wedding in 2006

Today is also a special day not only because I'm Irish but more importantly because it's my sister's birthday!! I like this photo of us even though it's almost 8 years old lol because we both look glamorous. We sadly don't have a lot of pics together because she lives in California and I'm here in NYC. Although we live 3,000 miles apart we couldn't be closer. I've expressed my admiration for my big sis many times on the blog. Even wrote a post about how she makes me stand up for myself. Having a sister is awesome and she is one of my best friends. She just found out she's expecting her 3rd boy! If anyone can keep three boys in line it's her. P.S. If you're a mom, you should follow her blog My Constant Chaos!

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  1. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! Love that picture of you and your sister!! So beautiful!! Having a sister is such a blessing!!

    Best, Mree

  2. Those pies are too cute. I loved the Shield! Happy Birthday to your sister, that is a great picture of the two of you.

  3. I love the wedding pretty!

  4. You both look so gorgeous in that picture, even if it's old! Hope you enjoyed St Patrick's Day!


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