March 24, 2014

MMG: March Madness

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March Madness is in full swing! And for those who don't know what that is lol it's the time of year when there's college basketball on 24/7. It's the "playoffs" on super speed and is a lot of fun unless you fill out brackets and bet money then you're most likely very upset right now. A lot of upsets (and upset fans) but that's the beauty of March "madness"!

This weekend marked the end of my spring break sadly so I was stressing out finishing all my projects and papers. I did make time to finally see Frozen. Is it weird to say that there was too much singing? lol They were having a conversation and then all the sudden they're singing. But I did like the sisterly love story.

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  1. I luckily don't have to watch March Madness so it has been nice! :)

  2. @Kerry lol I did have to take a break Sunday because it was a bit overload. But I love it :)

  3. As far as March Madness is concerned, all I care about are the Florida Gators! Let's go gators (my alma mater).

    And I saw Frozen last week and thought it was good, but not as great as others have said. The songs aren't as memorable.

  4. @Oh to Be a Muse yeah, Let it Go was good but otherwise there were too many songs lol


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