March 31, 2014

MMG: Happy Spring?

Spring was officially on the calendar last week but since then we've had freezing temps and snow. Happy Spring? I'd like to put away my winter coat in April please! Saturday was pouring so any motivation went out the window. I did laundry while watching the Elite 8 of March Madness. None of the teams I wanted to win are in the Final Four. Womp Womp.

But my night was made with Louis CK hosting SNL for the second time. It wasn't as good as the first time he hosted. My favorite sketch was "Black Jeopardy" lol. I also learned about this guy named Sam Smith. WHOA! What a voice. I'm currently obsessed with his "Stay With Me." Can't wait for Louie to return May 5th. One of the best shows on TV.

Sunday I watched Shameless where Mickey and Ian continued to be one of my favorite couples on TV! Mickey did something I never thought he would and when he did I literally cheered... out loud. lol. So crazy seeing the Gallagher kids Deb and Carl grown up with relationship problems.

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  1. It's funny bc as soon as spring hit it got colder in SoCal. The temps have been lower than most of our "winter days".


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