February 21, 2014

Timo Weiland x Zoya Fall 2014 Nail Polish

Image via Zoya

For their Fall 2014 runway show, Timo Weiland collaborated with Zoya to create a mini collection which attendees of the show received. Inside were 3 colors: Sam (dark burgundy), Cynthia (a smoky teal) and Taylor (cream). I'm currently wearing Sam on my nails:

What's on your nails this week?

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  1. Love Sam and Taylor! I have a similar color from Butter I got in an Ipsy bag and I love it for Fall!

  2. Ooooo!!! Exclusive colours…LOVE!! You're such a fashionista!! I'm jealous!

  3. I would definately recommend using Dr. Lipp's Nipple balm for lips. Apply to cuticles over night...100% natural, Amazing stuff, they use this backstage at fashion week for nearly everything!!!

    Tan xx


  4. @jennie shaw lol thank ya thank ya. One of the perks of living in NYC :)


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