February 25, 2014

It's All About The Pony This Spring

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I have to admit that I'm over the braid trend. Partly because I'm not very skilled in the French braid area but also it's been so over done. Thankfully there were some refreshing hair trends on the runways that I can look forward to this Spring. They are modern updates to the classic ponytail. They remind me a lot of styles I did when I was young because I wanted to make my ponytail less boring. Add more rubber bands! Celebs like Heidi Klum at the Emmy Awards or Nicole Kidman in Cannes have done fresh takes. Here are some other inspiration styles:

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You could add an accessory like Jason Wu.


And the trend seems to be going full swing into Fall...
Bottega Venetta

Carmen Marc Valvo Fall/Winter 2014 runway

What hair trends are you looking forward to this Spring?


  1. I LOVEEE that first ponytail!!! I need someone to do my hair for me everyday...lol


  2. wow I used to do that last one when I was in high school and that was a day or two ago, I love me a pony though, can be so casual or so dressy

  3. I love braids, but I suck at doing them so I'm happy ponytails are in. I am fairly confident I can manage a ponytail. Not a fancy one like these, but better than my efforts at braids.

  4. I've recently had my hair up a lot more than usual. The pony tail is such a classic look.

  5. I like the ponytail a lot, though I wish mine was longer! Extensions? Is that weird?

  6. My hair is growing out and I was thinking of cutting it. Now I'm not so sure...I love a pony tail :. Thanks for sharing Kimberlee!

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. @fashionforgiants I can do a braid but not a french one or fishtail... so I'm happy for these minimal effort looks lol

  8. @Sherin it is, and just add an accessory or two to spruce it up

  9. @Alex lol not if it looks natural? I see a lot of these ponytail extensions that are part of a hair tie

  10. @Corina Ramos lol I know I just cut my hair and regretting it after seeing all these gorgeous ponytails but it will grow back by the summer


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