February 9, 2014

Ruffian Fall 2014 Runway Show

Brian and Claude were inspired by "monastic opulence, tailored volume, and sober religious silhouettes - with lavish sumptuousness." 14th century monks and monarchs seem like an interesting inspiration. It was a departure for the duo who are always darlings at Fashion Week. I know I'm always wanting to see what they bring but I have to say I didn't see much in the collection that I'd want to wear. The show was titled 'Rapture' and the models began to talk out to the Blondie song although the music quickly turned into something else. 

There were unicorn prints, silk ruff collars (something Queen Elizabeth would wear), pagan pants, lots of red and hats that looked like something London police would wear. I did love the hair by Catwalk by Tigi and makeup by MAC that featured a dark red lip. I always look at their manis because they're fabulous. This year's mani featured a half moon in black and a dark metallic color:

 What did you think of the collection?


  1. I added this to my Netflix list but I haven't watched yet (I've been opting for romance movies, like Stuck in Love & Listen to Your Heart - both were amazing!). I will have to watch it soon! Hopefully people will take it with a grain of salt, I feel like people villainize people with different political parties than them, and it's kinda sad on both sides of the spectrum.

  2. @Olivia Frescura omg I loved Stuck in Love!! I'll have to check out Listen to Your Heart

  3. I saw this replaying on the screens at LC and the first thing I noticed was the red tights- maybe they'll be coming back for fall? I still am not a fan of the ruffled collars we've been seeing for this season and for Spring 2014. I can't get into them. This collection isn't bad, but I just personally couldn't see myself wearing anything from it, you know?


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