February 12, 2014

Review: Julep Party's Over Glitter Nail Polish Removal Kit

In my Julep box this month I added on their Party's Over Glitter Nail Polish Removal Kit (retail $28) because we all struggle with removing glitter nail polish. It looks so pretty but the novelty quickly wears off when trying to scrap it off your nail. I wanted to see if Julep's solution was the answer all of us nail polish addicts have been hoping for.

Each kit comes with 1o reusable "nail caps" (or rubber mittens for your nails as I would describe them) and 5 packets of their nail polish remover pads, which I remarked were super small in my original review but they make perfect sense for this kit. P.S. How adorable is the name? I used it to take off Cameron one of their stardust finishes.
1. Place one aloe vera-infused pad on nail.
2. Cover with nail cap. (There are different sizes, larger ones for your thumbs, which I noticed after putting them on my nails lol)
3. Leave on nails for 3-5 minutes (so you're not completely useless for too long).
4. Squeeze and pull to remove. I recommend before removing to rotate the nail cap around your nail to make sure you get all of it. I noticed when removing that several of the sides of my nails still had some polish. You can easily use the pad to remove the excess.

I was very impressed! Most of the polish slid right off. I did have to clean up around the edges of my nails but overall a very seamless process that makes me dread glitter nail polish a little less.

Would you give this kit a try?


  1. Ooooh, how interesting. Sounds like a good product. Will definitely give it a try if I find the kit.

  2. glad to see it worked! i've been using the ones from cvs i hauled in october.

  3. Very nice, but you can do the same with some Aluminum foil and cotton balls. My manicurist did that for me! xoxo

  4. These look great! Removing glitter polish is the wooorst!

  5. @Christina_Does yeah it really is lol this makes it less dreadful

  6. @LOLBeauty yeah but that's a bit messier plus its harder to use your hands while waiting with foil

  7. @Sherin it's sold out on Julep.com but definitely keep an eye out ;)


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