February 4, 2014

My February Julep Maven Box

This month's Julep collection was all about the drama and featured a new beauty product. Each box featured the "Love" nail polish as a gift from Julep and for being their Valentine this month. I selected the Boho Glam box and here's what was inside:

- 2 nail polishes ($14 each)
- Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow $18 (.15 oz)
- Extra: Love nail polish
- Added on: Party's Over Glitter Nail Polish Removal Kit

This was the latest beauty creation from Julep that was featured in many of the boxes this month. "This gorgeous liquid eyeshadow glides on easily and sets to a satin finish that stays put all day. The buildable, blendable formula is enriched with our proprietary Power Cell Complex - an age-defying blend of rosehip seed oil, Malvaceae Lipid Extract, and green coffee bean oil that promotes collagen production." I selected the pale nude shade since that would be a color I would find myself using often. I don't know about the age defying stuff but it's a pretty color. A small amount of product though for a lot of money. Maybelline's ColorTattoo shadows are similar and you get a lot more product for just $6.

The formula for Rooney was very sheer for me so it was hard to layer the color. Wasn't too impressed.

I'm in love with Love (see what I did there?). I think it's a gorgeous polish that I think will go great with a Valentine's Day manicure. My add-on hasn't arrived yet but this will be the perfect polish to test it out on.

I decided to try one of the stardust finishes because other Mavens have been fans. Cameron is a silver lilac matte glitter polish. I actually really like it and I'm currently wearing.

What did you receive in your Julep Maven box this month? 


  1. Sometimes companies make poor decisions when rebranding (i.e. Comedy Central), but with Starbucks I do not think this is the case. When Starbucks first started out in the 70s they were the underdog and their logo was an underdog too. It was a know it all, studying at the library illustrative remix of a 16th century woodcut. If you really miss it then you must visit the original coffee shop in seattle at pike place they still use the first version.

    Growing and expanding their empire it was only a matter of time before they began to enhance their logo by reshaping their image into a more exact and straightforward design. I agree Starbucks V3 was really strong, as are countless other logos that get butchered every year. If you have a degree in this than you should know that design is all about only using the necessary and stripping away all the bullshit. They boiled it down to the pure essentials and as a designer I highly doubt they will mess with it at this point. They became so recognizable the literal and figural representation became redundant.

  2. Always a fan of a good Julep polish. I think Love would be my favorite too.

  3. Love is super pretty- a perfect Valentines Day polish!

  4. @Nnenna isn't it? I'm going to try to work it in

  5. @Oh to Be a Muse do you still get the box?

  6. No, I stopped getting the box a few months ago.


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