February 6, 2014

Movie Review: Mitt

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Netflix released a highly anticipated original documentary about Mitt Romney, Mitt. The description says: "Whatever side you're on, see another side. Following his bid to win the U.S. presidency, most Americans believed they knew Mitt Romney. With unprecedented access, this documentary tracks Romney from 2006 and his first effort to win the Republican nomination, through the 2012 elections, revealing the man behind the sound bites in an authentic view the public rarely glimpsed during the media frenzy of a national campaign."

It was unprecedented access. From his campaigning to behind the scene moments with his family. Starts with the family discussing the pros and cons of his possible Presidential run in 2006. It took a toll on his family the first time around and they swore they wouldn't do it again. But they felt compelled to try after McCain failed. You definitely see a different side to him that you didn't see during his campaign. He came off very stiff during his campaign but behind the scenes he showed a bit of humor. Recently, he even slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon (something President Obama has also done):

You do get a more human side to him. Something we didn't see on the campaign trail. All I know is that I'd never want to run for President or be part of the family of the person running. So grueling.

What movies have you watched recently?


  1. super cool kimberlee! looking forward to reading your series ;)

  2. lol story of my life @stylemebad.com... definitely will try to be :)

  3. Thanks @Kerry... I'm nervous and excited

  4. @Sherin lol oh jeez... Tinder scares me but I probably should try it once

  5. Haha. It's fun. I actually met the guy I'm seeing right now via Tinder!


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