February 3, 2014

MMG: All Eyes on New York

ESB honoring the Seahawks // Bro & I // Russell!

All eyes were on my beloved city this weekend because we were hosting the Super Bowl (well Jersey really was). I was probably the only New Yorker excited that the Super Bowl was going to be played here because I like when all eyes are on New York. I love this city and I love when we get to shine! However, I could have done without the hooligans that came along with the Super Bowl. Since my Giants weren't in the game I was indifferent about who won. However, was NOT expecting a shut out. Big congrats to the Seattle Seahawks! Poor Peyton Manning.

Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL for a 3rd time. She did her usual obscure/cranky lady characters but I still love her. It was also Seth Myers's last episode *tear*. He had a great send off on Weekend Update with Stefon & Amy. Can't wait to see him during late night!

I also downloaded Louis CK's movie Tomorrow Night which he released on his website for just $5. He made it in 1998 but no one has seen it so he decided to release it. A lot of famous people were in it: Steve Carrell, JB Smoove, Robert Smigel, Amy Poehler (for 2 seconds). It made laugh because of the obscurity of it all but I must warn you it was such a bizarre movie lol.

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  1. Same problem with me. :( I tried on the 'Light' shade at WalMart; it applied out great. But after awhile, my skin turned a sickly shade of orange and it didn't look well with my tone. At. All. Hopefully, the 'Fair' shade looks better. I have full trust in this brand lol. :)

  2. I was watching the superbowl at a friend's place and during the halftime show we looked out the window and could see the fireworks off in the distance, so that was cool! Also, that pic of you and your brother is super cute!

  3. I watched SNL and for some reason didn't think it was a good episode. :( Love Melissa though, but something was off. I don't know. And the SuperBowl wasn't what I expected but it was still fantastic to know it was held in NJ/NY. Hope you're having a great Monday!!

  4. So sad Seth is leaving but I bet he will do great with Late Night. I heard the game was a rough one, but that pic with your brother came out great.

  5. I still cant get ove the game and how crazy it was. Love the pic of you and your bro - you look so much alike!


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