January 24, 2014

Review: DHC CoQ10 Washing Cream & Quick Gel Brightening Moisture


Fun Fact: After age 30, our skin’s natural levels of free radical–fighting coenzyme Q10 begin to dissipate. Oohh getting old. While I'm only 28, I am definitely interested in find the perfect anti-aging routine sooner rather than later. Most beauty routines contain 5 or more steps (mine is pretty close to that right now) but with DHC's CoQ10 Washing Cream & Quick Gel Brightening Moisture you can simplify to just 2 super quick steps. Here are my thoughts on the products:

Washing Cream (2.8 oz $24) - "Age-defying DHC CoQ10 Washing Cream is a unique cream-to-foam cleanser to wash away dirt and impurities while encouraging firmness." Vitamin C helps fight sagging and elasticity loss without stripping skin of essential moisture, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It contains the most coQ10 DHC has ever offered in a cleanser. The golden color comes naturally from coenzyme Q10 and the herbal scent is from natural chamomile. I wasn't particularly a fan of the smell but I did like the results. My skin didn't feel stripped of any moisture and felt soft after washing.

Quick Gel Brightening Moisture (2.5 oz $68) - "More than just a moisturizer, DHC CoQ10 Quick Gel Brightening Moisture also tones, brightens, primes and can even be used as a hydrating mask treatment." This antioxidant-rich all-in-one gel cream absorbs quickly and promotes elasticity for firmness while vitamin C and daisy extracts help brighten for a more luminous complexion. I really enjoyed this moisturizer. It was thick enough to moisturize (especially in this brutal cold!) but absorbed into my skin quickly. It is definitely a top contender for an anti-aging routine product.

P.S. Both of these are on sale through 2/28 so don't miss out!

Which skincare products have you tried recently?

Disclosure: I received free products for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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