January 6, 2014

MMG Is Back!

View from the hotel // Uncle John helping the instructor with the boys // Jacob getting the hang of it // Zach making snow angels

Happy 2014 everybody! Excited to have MMG back this week. I guess I have 2 weeks to catch you up on. For Christmas, I went to California where my family decided to take a trip to Mammoth to have a white Christmas (although there ended up being not much snow). My nephews had their first ski lesson. The oldest, Jacob (5) was quite good and enjoyed himself while Zach (2) lost interest and had other plans. Can ya blame him? I'm sure once he's older, he'll enjoy it more.
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Since being back, I've been relaxing and catching up on things: laundry, Netflix, blog commenting. Trying to relax before school picks up again later this month. There was also a big blizzard here in NYC so I took full advantage of staying tucked inside with warm coco. One of the movies I watched on Netflix was Lovelace featuring Amanda Seyfried. There were so many cameos. The first half showed how the movie got made and the second half showed the truth behind it all. The very sad truth. So tell me.. what have you been up to?

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  1. Ahhhh Mammoth!!! Love it. My bf just went up there...you guys probably had more snow than now. Happy 2014!!!! :)

  2. I've lived in CA my WHOLE life and have never been to Mammoth! Those little guys are so adorable! Glad you had a great trip :)

  3. The picture of your 2 year old nephew reminds me of myself the last time I went skiing to prevent myself from flying right into a tree. Good times. Except for the massive amounts of snow that would end up in my back!


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