January 20, 2014

MMG: Happy MLK Day!

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Today is MLK Day so I think it's only right we take a moment during MMG today to remember this great man. It was also interesting timing on SNL to feature it's first black female cast member in 7 years - Sasheer Zamata - and two black female writers this weekend. Drake hosted and I think he did a great job. It was one of the best shows this season (which isn't saying much). I loved the Hip Hop Classics sketch because there was so much 90s nostalgia, I couldn't take it!

Sunday I finally caught up with blogging buddy Alex over some brunch. We went to Les Halles and enjoyed a very filling meal. Then we went to see Her (full review to come). The Oscar nominations were announced and I shockingly haven't seen ANY of the Best Picture nominees so now I'm on a quest to watch as many as I can before the awards. I have seen 3 out of the 5 documentaries so there's that.

Then it was onto football. There were 3 QBs I wanted to win the Super Bowl this year: Eli (of course), Peyton, and Russell. I should have put money down because 2 of them are going!!! Now I'm torn about who should win. I think Peyton deserves more than one ring (I mean... Eli has two!) but the Seahawks are a great team. I'll be happy either way.

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  1. i missed SNL but plan on catching up. i saw his monologue. i remember those degrassi days!

  2. Now that the Pats are out I don't really have a favorite to win. The French Toast looks delish!

  3. Happy MLK Day. I love that quote so much!

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