January 27, 2014

MMG: Back to School

After a long, enjoyable vacation... today is officially the first of day classes for me. Hello Spring Semester! So this weekend was my last weekend of relaxation for the next few months and I took full advantage.

I watched the Oscar nominated documentary, The Act of Killing. Holy shit is all I can say. This movie is devastatingly powerful. From 1965-66, one million "communists" were killed by self proclaimed "gangsters" like Anwar in Indonesia. This film asked these killers to reenact their crimes, which they did so gleefully. However, Anwar clearly is still haunted by his past. It's very long, but you witness his slow unraveling to realize "what was this all for?" The last 15 minutes are very powerful. I think it deserves the Academy Award.

Sunday was the Grammy Awards. Some of my favorite looks of the night but I have to say the red carpet was boring. Here's my recap. Did you have a favorite?

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  1. I love this on Taylor! It suits her style. She should choose what she likes, not what you like.

  2. I really liked Taylor's dress. I think it looked better on TV though. My favorites were her, Beyonce and Chrissy. I also thought Miranda Lambert looked great. Safe, but very pretty!

  3. Katy Perry's dress was really stunning.

  4. I like Taylors dress because it was chain metal which I thought was pretty cool and I dont remember anyone else except Julia Roberts actually wearing a decent ensemble to the GRAMMYS!


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