December 18, 2013

My Top 10 TV Moments of 2013 (SPOILER ALERTS)

My office was rounding up the top TV moments of the year and since I got out voted I decided to make my own list. Humph. Also, these shouldn't be spoiler alerts because you should all be already watching these amazing shows lol but if you haven't then you've been warned:

1. Breaking Bad: Felina
The whole episode was just amazing and filled with amazing moments. From the title to Jesse breaking free, it was one of the best series finale. Ever. Which is no easy feat. I miss you Walter White.

2. Game of Thrones: Red Wedding
Damn all of you who read the books and didn't prepare me! One of the most shocking and gory moments on TV probably ever. Don't get too attached to characters because George RR Martin will kill them off in due time. If you don't like gore then perhaps you'll enjoy the video reel of people reacting to the episode.

This moment was epic!

3. Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Episode
How many shows do you know can have a 50th anniversary episode?! I confess haven't been keeping up with this season of Doctor Who but I definitely made a point to tune in to the 50th Anniversary Episode where many of the doctors reunited. It was AMAZING! It definitely reminded me that I need to tune in. There is also an epic Christmas special happening. Mark your calendars!

4. Orange Is The New Black breaks ground.
Netflix debuted another new original program, Orange is the New Black and made a lot of history in the process (i.e. a lot of women!). All the characters on the show are amazing in their own right and deserve their own spin-off series. I tuned in to watch a few episodes after a lot of buzz and finished all 13 episodes in one weekend. I highly recommend you catching up before Netflix releases Season 2 sometime in the spring.

Currently my desktop background

5. Sons of Anarchy - Naked Juice!
You know Sons is going to be high on my list. There were plenty of Sons of Anarchy moments to gasp about this season but I was most excited about something many of us viewers were waiting 6 seasons and 12 episodes for - naked Juice (aka Theo Rossi)! It was one of the grossest nude scenes I've seen so THANKS Kurt Sutter for that.... lol but I still found joy out of it. Here's the NSFW pic.

Image via

6. Kerry Washington hosts SNL.
Is there anything this girl can't do? She's beautiful, she's funny, she's smart, she's stylish. She hosted pregnant! Her episode was one of the best episodes of SNL in a LONG time and showed that SNL needs to start adding more diversity to their cast pronto, which apparently they are making progress on. I'm still laughing about and singing "What Does My Girl Say?"

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7. The Bluthes return. 
Yes, another Netflix triumph. There was nearly 10 years between seasons and there was a lot of anticipation. Granted the latest season didn't have the same charm as the other three seasons but that's because perhaps it wasn't our hidden secret among die hard fans anymore. Now the world knew the joy of Arrested Development. But I'm still happy to have the Bluthes back in my life.

8. Ladies take over the Golden Globes.
Another one for the ladies! All hail Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! It was refreshing to get some ladies as hosts... sorry white guys. Admit it. It was one of the most bearable award shows in quite some time. Can't wait to see them host again in 2014!

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9. Mad Men: The brothel.
Oh the elusive Don Draper. This season he took his kids to see his childhood home, an old brothel. He doesn't reveal much about the real man he is so it was kind of an epic moment even if the kids had no idea.

10. Colbert Gets Lucky.
Showing his genius, Colbert works around his big guest Daft Punk canceling their appearance and creates a star studded music video for the internet to enjoy.

What were some of your favorite TV moments this year?


  1. @Sherin ooo let me know when you're done so we can discuss!

  2. Breaking bad, breaking bad, breaking bad, BREAKING BAD!


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