December 9, 2013


He's totally cute enough to be a member! 

Final projects and finals are looming over my head this week and the next. So I had no social life this weekend. Saturday night I did stay up to watch my beloved Paul Rudd host SNL. Despite all the cameos, it could have been a MUCH better show. And when did One Direction become Mumford & Sons?

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After my group projects and no longer wanting to see a PowerPoint in my life again... I put on the Giants to sadly watch their season end to sadly... the Chargers. I don't have much else to share about my weekend. I apologize. But I definitely want to hear about yours!

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  1. Don't be talkin' bad about my boyfrands! Lol jk ;) But really, you know my love for 1D and Harry. Aside from moving it was all about them this weekend - SNL and getting tix haha!

  2. Good luck on your projects & finals! =)


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