December 16, 2013

MMG: Almost to the End

Marshmallow hot coco + banana hazelnut crepe // Julep Pop-Up shop // Christmas goodies

Today is my last final! The semester will be over and pretty soon 2013 will be over. I can't believe it. Friday I met up with Laura to check out the Julep Pop-Up Shop here in NYC. We ended up making a day of it, grabbing some delicious hot coco and crepes at Max Brenner and then buying each other nail polish for our Christmas gifts. I got her Juleps, she got me Essies. We are such enablers.

This H&M bit was very accurate

Saturday the city looked like a snow globe so it was a good day to stay home where it was nice and warm. Finally put up my Christmas tree and caught up on many dramatic season finales that I put off because I knew I would need some time to emotionally recover (*cough: Sons of Anarchy: cough*). Then Saturday night was John Goodman's return to SNL. Awful. The man is a legend who has hosted 12 times... SNL did not do right by him at all. I needed Jebidiah Atkinson to do one of his tear downs.

Sunday I finished up Christmas shopping (almost...). I've been behind this year because school and work has taken over my life. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! Sunday night I watched my Netflix, Blackfish. This movie broke my heart. A lot of it reminded me of The Cove. Ripping baby animals away from their mothers and putting them into captivity. A recipe for disaster. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Yay congrats on finishing up your finals! I always seem to get too attached to the characters in the shows I watch! Have a great week :)

  2. Good luck with that last final - you'l kill it!

    Looks like a pretty well-rounded weekend :) It was back in the 80s in SoCal again this weekend. I can't even imagine snow. Stay warm!!

  3. Good luck on the last final! I don't think I could watch Blackfish, it breaks my heart just reading about it.

  4. woot on the final! and i need to get in on this one of these weeks!

  5. Good luck on your last final! Those crepes look delicious!


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