December 26, 2013

5 Ways to Be the Best You This New Year by Delayed Missives

Today's guest post comes from Alex of Delayed Missives

Ready to get your new year off to a fantastic start? Here are five ways you can be the best possible you in 2014.

1. Find a new hobby or pick an old one back up. A fun activity can help you reduce stress, boost your mood and provide a new place to socialize. Need some ideas? Visit Discover A Hobby.

2. Reconnect with someone. Whether an old friend, coworker or boss, we all know someone we've been meaning to get back in touch with. Don't keep putting it off! Send them a nice thinking-of-you, let's-meet-for-lunch-sometime email. Even if you don't get a response, you can still start off the year without any regrets.

3. Get up with your alarm... the first time. Hitting snooze can make you feel more tired when you finally get up, especially if you fall back asleep and restart your sleep cycle. Set your alarm for a little bit later and you'll get better quality sleep. (Lifehacker)

4. Make sure to take care of you. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with commitments and responsibilities. If you can make a bit of space in your budget, treat yourself to a manicure or pick up a new lip balm from the drugstore. Doing something nice for yourself on occasion can help you feel ready to take on the world.

5. Be present. Don't compare yourself to others-- live your own life, not someone else's. You have your own beautiful story.

How are you going to be a better you in the new year?

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