November 1, 2013

My Halloween Manicure

I went for super simple this year because I just don't have the energy to do nail art like I used to anymore. Boo! This is a combo of the candy corn ombre nails I spotted on Elle Sees and the adorable ghosts Star Crossed Smile shared on her Instagram (and I shared in my Halloween round-up post last week). I like it!

What did you wear on your nails for Halloween?


  1. It's so cute, I love it. I haven't had anything on my nails in about a month! Gotta paint them...

  2. Aww, your ghosts are so cute!


  3. I hear ya--sometimes it's like I'd rather do anything rather than give a new design a go. That said, this looks great! And I'm loving your updated header! :)

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  5. Mac'cheese Vegan sounds yummy! I need to try that in NY. I'm your neighbor in NJ/PA (on the border) and here from "Join The Gossip" and new to Monday Morning Gossip!

  6. Your modeling skills are just fine. I loved Kerry Washington on SNL it made me want to watch her show. I feel like the past two episodes have been lackluster. I seriously miss old cast members but the new ones are good.

  7. I have loved Kerry Washington forever and she's so badass in Scandal! I forgot to record SNL until about 15 minutes in so I'll have to catch that on demand or online, but I loved that "How's He Doing" sketch!

  8. The logo seriously was in the best place! Way to go for the vegan version. =]


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