November 18, 2013

MMG: What I Watched This Weekend

My weekends are usually spent catching up on my beloved TV since I'm too exhausted during the week to stay up. I stayed up Saturday night to watch Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live and boy was that a mistake... it was painful. I felt like she wrote the jokes because she wanted to make sure people knew she poked fun of herself (i.e. the last sketch where she's an old lady). I did like her performances because they were the songs I'm enjoying from her new album. But then R. Kelly had to go and make things uncomfortable lol.

Blurry pic of JPP

Sunday I tuned into football and thankfully my Giants continued their winning streak. Their season started off ugly but now with their 4th straight win they're actually contenders in the NFC East - shocking. It wasn't a pretty win against the Packers and we were probably only able to pull it off since Aaron Rodgers is out injured but I'll take it! Things are starting to get interesting around the league now that we're in Week 11.

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  1. Haha! I agree... R. Kelly definitely took that SNL performance waaaaay overboard.


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