November 11, 2013

MMG: Veteran's Day

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This weekend was a pretty typical weekend for me: group project meetings, homework and catching up on TV shows. It was also a bit of an exhausting (in every sense) week for me as there were a lot of big (and sad) changes at the company I'm interning for this semester. Hence the shortage of posts this week. So this weekend I really just wanted to zone out and enjoy some laughs to take my mind off things. I watched Aziz Ansari's Netflix stand-up special "Buried Alive." He just turned 30 so he discussed all his friends having babies and being single at the bar scene. All things I could relate to so I enjoyed it. But it definitely wasn't for everyone's taste lol.

Today is Veteran's Day so I can't help but think about my grandfather. I visited his grave during Memorial Day. He thankfully lived to 82 but I know not all soldiers are so lucky. Keeping them in my thoughts today and hope they return home safe!

I've been your co-host for a couple weeks now so I'd love to know how I'm doing and get your feedback about the link-up. Share in the comments below!


  1. Aziz is hilarious! Glad it was a relaxing weekend!

  2. I am so grateful for people like your grandfather.


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