October 14, 2013

MMG: The Studying Never Ends

Today I thankfully have off from school and my internship for Columbus Day but I won't be celebrating because I have my first midterm Wednesday. I'll be meeting with one of my groups from a class project today so no vacay for me. Studying, studying and more studying.

Saturday I ran my errands and did laundry. I decided to put together some Halloween care packages for my nephews since Auntie Kim won't be able to Trick 'o Treat with them and my sister just moved into a new house. I asked my sister what their favorite candy was and as she was listing them off I realized it's all my Dad's favorite candy (i.e. my mom leaves bowls of them around the house lol). I like getting crafty when giving gifts and repurposing my subscription boxes so hopefully they'll like them too.

Sunday was studying for my midterm and football. I finished Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy because that's as far as Netflix goes. I'll have to watch Season 5 somewhere else so I can be completely caught up for Season 6 which started in September. Theo Rossi aka Juice is my favorite (pictured above).

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 What did you this weekend?


  1. Boo for midterms! Yay for adding man candy into MMG today lol :)

  2. School is seriously harder than any job, good luck on your midterm.
    Juice is pretty cute but I'm a Opie kind of girl.


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