October 7, 2013

MMG: Brunch & Football

I'm so excited to be co-hosting with Leeann for Monday Morning Gossip! Today and here on out, you can stop by every Monday to link-up. Be sure to grab a button from the sidebar and share with us! With grad school and my internship I haven't been feeling particularly social lately. Well more like I really just don't have the energy to. So this weekend I made an effort to see my friends since many haven't seen me in weeks. I had brunch with Alex at The Crooked Tree on Saturday where we enjoyed delicious crepes. I got my favorite - banana nutella!

Our seats // Pops & bro not too happy at the half (or the end of the game) // Nailgating!

Sunday I headed to MetLife Stadium in Jersey to watch the Giants game with my dad and brother. It was a birthday gift for my dad, which was a couple of weeks ago. Giants have had a terrible season this year so I was not hopeful for the turnout even though it was against one of our rivals - the Eagles. It's more painful to watch them lose in person than on TV. We are now 0-5, which we haven't been since 1987. In other news: Now actively seeking to cheer on other teams.

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What did you do this weekend?


  1. Banana Nutella sounds amazing! Sorry your team couldn't pull out a win when you went to the game. The Patriots didn't do so hot either.

  2. Yum!! And boo to 0-5. I feel so bad for Eli, he gets no protection. On the positive side, you saw that double back flip in person!!

    You can root for the Saints! Somehow we're 5-0 :)

  3. I love banana nutella crepes too, I like a little caramel sauce drizzled on top! Glad you were able to get out and have some fun.

    What an awesome gift to give your dad. I always have trouble finding something good to get my dad.


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