October 2, 2013

5 New Fall TV Shows I'm Watching

If you don't already know... I'm a TV addict. That's one of the major reasons I got an internship at GetGlue. If you follow me on Twitter, I'm constantly checking-in and live tweeting shows (sometimes spoiling shows for those on the West Coast - I swear I'm working on it!). Fall is when the cream of the crop (well usually) of television comes on the tube and this season many new shows premiered. I was skeptical about many of them but now that they've all had pretty much one episode air I thought I'd share some gems I found:

1. NBC's The Blacklist. Don't screw this up NBC! Finally NBC has a good scripted drama on their hands. I've enjoyed both episodes that have aired so let's hope it stays that way. If you're like me and got too scared by The Following, then this may be more of your cup o' tea. I also loved James Spader's promotion of the show on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, "if it doesn't work out we always have the pilot."

2. FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I had A LOT of doubts about this show but I've been pleasantly surprised. I find myself laughing - gasp! Andy Samberg is a nice addition to my beloved FOX Tuesday comedy night with New Girl.

3. NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show. There's a lot of nostalgia on TV right now. I'm really happy to see Michael J Fox back on TV. I thought the pilot episode was really smart and clever... something that surprised me from NBC. Unfortunately it didn't do well in the ratings so I hope NBC has faith in it and lets it stick around for a little bit.

4. CBS's The Crazy Ones. Another TV icon has returned - Robin Williams. Bless Sarah Michelle Gellar and the rest of the cast for being able to hold it together around Mr. Williams. I like shows about advertising/marketing like AMC's The Pitch as I'm studying it and will probably end up in that world in some fashion. So this show has my interest there and I'm a fan of Sarah & Robin so we'll see where it goes.

5. Showtimes' Masters of Sex. With Breaking Bad gone and Mad Men off the air, I need a new Sunday night show and MoS just might be it. There's only been one episode but I see potential. Dr. Masters is like Don Draper and Sheldon Cooper combined. I have a total girl crush on Lizzy Caplan and think she gives a fabulous performance.

You should also check out:

If you haven't already, watch Netflix's original series Orange is the New Black. I highly recommend it. It definitely lives up to the hype in my opinion. Also, with streaming you can overly examine all the episodes, which there is a lot of to dig through with rich character story lines. I know I need to do this with Breaking Bad after each season.

In "New to Kim"-related shows - Sons of Anarchy. After seeing how fanatic people were on GetGlue for this show, I decided to start watching on Netflix. I just finished Season 1 and I'm hooked (except for the weird baby plot). I would say it's "Sopranos for bike gangs." Love Katey Sagal and she kills it in this role. Definitely has that vibe and there are some hot dudes so that will keep me interested for now.

What new shows are you watching?


  1. @heather ooo, so we can discuss ;)

  2. I started watching The Blacklist, so far so good! I can't wait until the new season of the show Scandal premieres, and season 2 of Orange is the New Black!

  3. The Blacklist starts in the UK this week and I am so excited for it.


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