October 1, 2013

5 Items I Use During A Breakout

It's an unhappy reality about life... breakouts. Even as an adult you can't escape acne. Women especially have to deal with hormonal breakouts every month. My skin is fairly clear as long as I follow my routine. If I skip any of the steps then my skin likes to punish me. Last week while dealing with a cold, I was careless about my usual routine because it was hard to wash your skin with a red, sore nose. By the end of the week there were lovely gifts from my skin because of it. I thought I'd share the products in my arsenal that I use to help me combat a bad breakout in case any of you are dealing with this unpleasant issue as well.

1. A gentle cleanser. You want to avoid anything with "exfoliating" in it because it will just irritate your skin. I prefer Simple's Foaming Cleanser for a gentle clean.

2. Toner. Once you've opened up your pores with hot water and cleanser, then the next step should be a toner to help get the deep dirt and bacteria. I've praised ARCONA's Cranberry Toner on this blog several times because I have sensitive skin so have steered away from toners for awhile but this one is super gentle but gives results.

3. Acne spot treatment. I've tried high-end brands as well as drugstore brands and in my opinion Clean & Clear®'s Advantage® Acne Spot Treatment is the one that I come back to most. You can typically find it for under $10 and it works! I see results overnight but with any acne spot treatment you have to ONLY apply it to the affected area or it will dry out your skin.

4. A moisturizer that doesn't clog pores (i.e. non-greasy/oily). You need something that keeps your skin moisturized but doesn't make your face feel like you applied Crisco. You definitely need to keep your skin dried out around the area but I like Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturizer.

5. Cotton pads. The simplest rule when you have a breakout: don't touch it! Use cotton swabs, rounds, wipes, whatever you can to avoid your hands touching your face even if you washed them. I like cotton rounds to use for toner and use a Q-tip to apply an acne spot treatment.

And if you have the time, try a great at-home DIY face mask like The Luxury Spot's Strawberry & Honey one.

What items do you use when you have a breakout?


  1. I have recently become really impressed with simple. They do some really nice and light products, that are perfect for the face.

  2. I need to try #3! Earlier today I was just thinking that so this post is perfectly timed. Usually I use toothpaste for spot treatment. It works better right before a pimple is in full effect though. Sorry that sounds gross!

  3. @jointhegossip well glad I could help hehe I've used toothpaste before. You have to use the right kind and I use TOM's which is not the right kind lol

  4. @Sherin yes it is very gentle and I have sensitive skin so I'm a big fan

  5. One day I'll have to try Simple skincare. I've heard so many good things!


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