September 25, 2013

Popbasic: Lost Collection

So excited to share with you the latest collection from Popbasic - Lost! If you don't know what Popbasic is... it is basically a service that creates micro collections (typically containing 3 items). I love what Madeline and her team do. The pieces are carefully planned to be on trend but also classic. They are high quality items that will help you build a stylish wardrobe. It's not exactly a monthly subscription but I recommend following them on Facebook to keep up to date when the next collection will be released. The last collection I purchased was called Sherwood and I still love wearing the pieces.

Me wearing all the pieces
I like all the pieces... just not sure I'd wear them all together. The amethyst necklace is quite serious! It's bling that would make any rapper jealous. The shirt is very comfortable and will definitely be wearing it all year long.

Watch the gorgeous video:

Would you sign up for Popbasic?


  1. Wow, that's such a cute shirt! I can't believe that came in a monthly subscription box.

  2. I really like the pieces you got and that amethyst necklace is so pretty!!

  3. @Nnenna haha it's one of the good ones! It would be deadly if it was monthly :p

  4. @Elizabeth Rice aw so glad you signed up!

  5. You're so pretty! I like the pieces especially the necklace!


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