September 14, 2013

Novis Spring/Summer 2014 Presentation

*Thanks to Matilde New York for covering for me this season!

I really liked the fact that it was a presentation and not a show, since it made it possible for everyone to really look at the collection and the pieces. I really liked how the room was styled, all in white and the colored chairs between the models. I thought that looked cool and I think it matched the clothes in one way.

The designer, Jordana Warmflash, took inspiration from mid-century mode architecture and furniture design. I think the clothes reflected that very well, and you could really see that the colors, textures and different patterns were influenced by the '50s and '60s. Warmflash also wanted to create a mix between ”uptown  elegance” and ”downtown eclecticism,” which resulted in a sophisticated but also spirited collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The main colors were black, white, pink, yellow, blue, green, and orange. I liked how the designer had combined the colors together, and also the use of various textures. Tweed skirts, wool pants, and transparent tops mixed with rubber soles and wooden heels, created nice contrasts together. All the various use of colors, textures, and patterns made the collection look girly, but still cool, I think. I got lots of inspiration from the collection actually, and would definitely want to wear some of the apparels for spring and summer!

My favorite accessories were the hats and the blue heels. I think the hats made the outfits look relaxed (for example the one with the pink dress), and is a smart way to dress down an outfit (and hence make it great for both the beach and city!). The blue heels were simple and discrete, but still perfect to add some color to an outfit without being too much I think.

The makeup and hair was simple and clean. Hair was styled by Linh Nguyen for Cutler and make-up was Samantha Trinh for Kevin Aucoin. I think it was good to let the clothes speak for themselves.

What do you think of the collection?

Images courtesy of Matilde & Billy Farrell Agency


  1. I love love love the vibrant colors in this collection. Especially since I feel like I've seen a lot of darks and whites for the SS14. It's nice to see a collection using a lot of color. I esp love that orange maxi dress. So sexy and sleek,


  2. oh my i LOVE all the colors in this, especially the yellows!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. I have never seen a presentation but i think I would like it much better than a traditional fashion show. Thanks for making us aware!

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  5. @Stillblondeafteralltheseyears yes it allows you more time to photograph the models and look at the details

  6. @sandyalamode great use of colors!

  7. @heather I could definitely see you pulling off that orange maxi dress ;) hehe I definitely loved the use of color in this collection


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