September 11, 2013

My First Juniper Box

If you read this blog often enough, you'll notice I love subscription box services. I'm also open to trying any of them. I personally think Juniper box is genius! Juniper is a monthly care package service thoughtfully put together and sent to you before your period starts. The package includes a customized pack of tampons, and gourmet treats for you to indulge. Yes, ladies. It's a natural occurrence we all suffer through every month. Juniper wants to make it a little bit less painful and embarrassing and a lot more indulgent. Read on if you're not bashful about this topic...

The process: Juniper emails you asking you to select the brand you'd like and if you prefer tampons or pads. They also ask if you know when your period is due so they box can arrive when your "other friend" does, which I think is brilliant. I made a request to only have one kind of product and they graciously accommodated. They really help personalize the box. On top of "supplies," you'll receive a collection of gourmet sweets and artisan savory treats.

Everything arrived very discretely and was beautifully packaged in satchels. Inside was everything you could possibly need:

 15 Tampax tampons | 5 Always panty liners | 5 Always Clean Wipes | 2 packs of Midol Complete | 1 Kleenex tissues

These tissues were super cute. Tossed them into my purse for running around the city.

But the best part of the box were the treats!

8 NEWTREE Gourmet Chocolate Bars (variety of flavors) | 1 Toffee Talk Almond Bar | 3 Mighty Leaf Tea Bags | Bart's Extreme Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies (12 morsels) | 1 Sasso Bar | 3 Nature's Kick Honeystix 

I don't know about you but I get serious cravings during my time of the month especially for chocolate. Juniper solved all my problems by including a variety of chocolates and sweets. Although, I must confess I ate most of them in one night (lol). I'm also a tea lover so the Mighty Leaf tea bags were also on point.

Would you sign up for Juniper box? If so, click here for 50% off your first box! Or mention my name when you sign up.

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