September 30, 2013

MMG: Recovery

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The theme of this week's Monday Morning Gossip is recovery. All week I've been suffering from the annual "changes of season" head cold. It kicked my ass pretty good so by the end of the week I had no desire to do anything except catch up on sleep. I was supposed to go out and celebrate Heather's (aka Fashionista NY Girl) birthday but had no energy whatsoever. I'm feeling better now but not completely out of the woods.

Sunday was a different recovery. Recovering from the ending of something I've held so dear for so many years - Breaking Bad. I think it's one of the greatest shows because not many shows make the audience look at themselves and evaluate their morals and values. At first we're cheering for Walter White but he just keeps getting more evil so there are moments we have to ask ourselves "why are we still rooting for someone who would commit this heinous act?! what does this say about me?!" It is such a journey. No spoilers but the ending left me feeling satisfied and at peace. When you're ready to talk spoilers - hit me up!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I hope you are feeling better boo!! And ummm BB was epic!! It was the perfect ending for me, exactly how I wanted it to end. Although I do wish Walter got a hug from Skyler. He needed a hug! I know, I know, rooting for the bad guy but I couldnt help but feel sad during those scenes. Ahh I miss the show already. Next Sunday will be so hard.

  2. Glad you're feeling better. I had the same cold a few weeks ago and I was out out action for over a week.
    I flew back from Dubai this weekend - I definitely still wish I was on holiday.

  3. @Sherin I was so jealous of your pics! Take me with you! lol

    Definitely seems to be something going around, I know a lot of people who have been sick as well

  4. lol he definitely needed a hug. I felt bad for Walt Jr who didn't get any goodbye :( I know! I'm going to watch the last season over again when I have time

    Watch OITNB!!

  5. girl, i feeeeel ya. i was sick late august-all of september with this mysterious virus that mimicked mono. glad you're better!!!


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