September 20, 2013

Limited Edition Zang Toi x Zoya Custom Spring 2014 Nail Polish Trio

When I attended the Zang Toi Spring 2014 runway show at New York Fashion Week I had the pleasure of receiving their limited edition Zoya nail polish trio in my goodie bag. For $24, you receive three polishes: Ballet Babe, Boy Toi and Black Swan.

Ballet Babe is described as "a delicate flowing pink, full coverage cream."

Boy Toi is a blue cream. 

Sorry for the messy swatch

Black Swan is well... black.
I decided to pair Ballet Babe and Black Swan for a pink/black French manicure, which apparently everyone loved when I showed it on Instagram.

I felt like the polishes were super glossy but not very pigmented. For Ballet Babe I had to do three layers so you wouldn't see my nail line. The mani also didn't last very long which is a bit of a bummer. For more New York Fashion Week coverage, check out The Luxury Spot!

What color would you wear?


  1. I really like that baby blue color :) Also the pink is cute too and i like how you took a picture with the Starbucks holder lol ;) Matchy matchy


  2. @heather lol that was purely coincidental since Starbucks was promoting something with those pink cups.

    Thanks for the polishes again :)

  3. Looks like a nice range of colours. I love the blue shade so much.

  4. They all look lovely - I esp love the blue. It's so annoying when they take so many coats though!


  5. So not only did you get to see a show but you got nail polish in a goodie bag? *dies of jealousy* And they're all such fantastic colours!! I don't even know which one I like more. Pink with black tips is such a great combo but three coats and then the black seems like a lot of time.

  6. This is actually a really nice pink-- that's hard to do! Pink can go wrong so easily. I'm into the black and pink French manicure, too. I would totally do that. Of course, I'd totally do plain black nails, too.

  7. what a sweet gift to get at a show! i like the black and pink mani you did!

  8. Those colors really capture the ballet theme so well!

  9. thank you :) I wonder what front got lol

  10. @Alex lol when aren't you doing plain black? Wednesday!

  11. @jennie shaw lol I was pretty excited!! Yeah I wish they were a little more pigmented :/

  12. @Bailey yeah the blue I think I could wear all year round

  13. @Sherin Blue seems to be everyone's favorite :)


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