September 18, 2013

Fashion Shenzhen Spring 2014 Runway Show

*Thanks to Style Me B.A.D. for covering!

The Fashion Shenzhen show is a platform that promotes Chinese designers who are from the city of Shenzhen. Showcased this season were two designers: Ellassay and Deng Hao.

The Ellassay RTW collection was a mix of black and white, splashes of teal, purple and navy. I've seen a few different collections with navy and white being a common theme, but it looks like Black and White may be staying around for another season. The modern take on the criss cross checkered pattern is something I also saw on the Sally Lapointe runway.
There were holographic pieces, which I thought were interesting to see an the higher end of fashion. I think if  done correctly it could look really fun otherwise it just looks like a bad prom ensemble. My favorite piece of the collection was the ombre jacket in subdued neon colors. I also liked the headscarves. I am a fan of the look and when done right it looks very chic. 

Deng Hao’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection mixed modern style into traditional Chinese garments. The pieces were a mix between woven knits and lots of sheer. The intricate details found in these pieces are something you have to see in person to fully appreciate. The gowns were very delicate with translucent fabrics and beautiful sequin and gem details. There were also unexpected cutouts and bold hues, which could also be seen in the makeup worn by the models. The final piece was absolutely breathtaking it was a cinderella dress done haute couture style. 

Pretty insane right? When this dress made its debut on the runway everyone in attendance took out their camera phones to try and score a pic of it, myself included. The model looked like she was floating, it was very ethereal and beautiful. I loved it! 

Overall, it was a nice show to attend (thank you, Kim!) and I liked how the two designers had very distinct styles. While scouring the internet reading Fashion Week coverage it appears that Deng-Hao was the more popular of the two collections. 

Which collection do you like best?


  1. I love your blog! It's what got me to start one! <3 thank you! hope to meet you in NYC when I move back this year

  2. @Guest aw thank you that's so very sweet of you. Don't ever hesitate to reach out!

  3. @Kate Amunrud definitely interesting to see the contrast among both designers


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