September 5, 2013

7 Bloggers Dish: What They Don't Tell You About Fashion Week

Fashion Week is here! I've covered my fair share of shows so I'm what some may call a "veteran" and that means I've learned a few things. It can be a really fun week. I almost think it's like a "back to school" for the fashion industry because we're all gathered under one roof and it's the perfect time to catch up with folks you haven't seen since last season. However, there is also a lot of unpleasantries that you don't really know about until you've lived it. I asked some of my other fellow veterans their thoughts as well. Here's what they had to say:

"Fashion Week is the only place I know where people dress like they fell down in their closet in the dark and then just walked out of the house even though their outfits were planned out months in advance." 

- Jai,

" You'll wait an hour---sometimes even more---for a show to start that lasts maybe three minutes." 

- Danielle,

"So much air kissing goes on that I'm surprised I haven't found antibacterial blush in a gift bag yet." 

- Alex, 

"Squeezing in meals is key to a long day. Otherwise it's the free Fiber One bars and water all day (or week)." - Heather,

"You'll get more swag than you'll ever need, so don't forget to bring an extra tote bag!" 

- Nnenna,

"Wear comfy shoes if you're going to a show in the Meatpacking District -- talk about cobblestone nightmares." - Audrey,

"Some people don't understand that for many, Fashion Week is our job. We are attending to work. So when someone says 'have fun,' it's like telling a Starbucks barista to have fun at their work. It makes no sense!"

LoudPen, Editor of de la Pen...All Pen Everything & Social Media Strategist/Co-Founder of The Network

May the odds ever be in your favor this Fashion Week!


  1. Love!! Hope to see you around ;)

  2. Yes! The same apply for london fashion week too. I love number 3 - so true.

  3. Such a fun read! Damn those cobblestones. Since you're a MBFW vet, do you know how I can tickets to attend fashion week next year?

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